When your Car Key Fob does not work


In days like this, when entering a vehicle can happened in a press of a button, you have to make sure your car key fob is effective and in good working condition, otherwise using your car can be difficult and sometimes even impossible!

This is the basics of how it works:

When you press on your car key fob it communicates with the computer of the car sending codes telling the car to behave in a certain way, all depends in which button you have pressed on the car remote. With this technology put into your car key fob you can guess there could be some issues with it as well so before bringing your car to the dealership, here are some things to check when your car remote is not working.

First You need to Make Sure the Problem Is the Key Fob:

If you already have a key fob most chances you got a spare one with the car when you bought it. Simply check if the spare key fob works on the car and take it from there. If the remote doesn’t work then the issue here is not the remote but the car itself. This can be happening due to a number of reasons, like a problem with the locking mechanism so it affects the door lock switch motor from responding to the key fob.

Try Replacing the Battery:

Most car key fobs will split to half when you apply a little tension with a small flat screwdriver in a slot on the side of the remote. After you’ve managed to open the remote you will see a small battery that looks like a coin. You can find a replacement battery for car key fobs in places like Walmart, AutoZone and battery Stores. There will be a number on the old battery that will tell you the battery information like type and size. You can always bring the key fob to a store that sells batteries incase you don’t want to take the chance of breaking the remote, they will do it in less then a minute.

Reprograming the Car Key Fob:

  • In most cases of fault key fob is a fault in the battery, after you have replaced the battery, the key fob maybe lost his memory as well and all you need to do is to ReProgram the remote.

  • Some of the car key fobs do not require any tools in order to program them, You can find instructions in the internet about programing your car remote and information about your vehicle in the Owner’s Manual. Programing a car key fob with no tools is called On Board Programing and its different for each car, depending on the car’s Year Make and Model.

  • Incase your key fob does require a tool to program it, you will need to contact the Locksmith Near You if you do not have a Locksmith you prefer already. Replacing a key fob can be a little expensive sometimes so its always important to make sure you contact the highly rated Locksmiths in your area, at least you will get the right professional service you need.

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