Why People Call for a Rekey or Replacement Locks

As a premier locksmith company, we get called for a variety of jobs; some are routine, some are after a home security issue, and, since we’re an automotive locksmith, we sometimes get called when someone gets their keys locked in their car. We do a lot of commercial locksmith jobs, as well. But, the primary task that most homeowners call us to do is to rekey or replace their locks.

Here are their reasons:

People want new technology


Smart locks are all the rage, and with the new keypad technology, the latchkey kid just became a keypad kid, and no one ever has to worry about him losing the key. The homeowner can change the access code if junior ever happens to blurt it out, or when he needs to move out.

After a break-in

After a robbery, owners are understandably upset by the compromised security situation. Many times we get called on a rekey after a break-in or mugging, but owners want to also talk about security issues. We are always happy to talk to them about different options.

Lost or stolen keys

A lost or stolen key is a security liability. Sometimes, a person will think they lost their key, only to find out later that it was stolen. Sometimes, a person believes a key has been taken, only to discover it was lost. The resulting stress is tremendous.

Someone moves out, breaks up or quits

Domestic help, roommates, exes, and others who have a key or have had access to a key create a potential for problems. Not just because it could cause a problem, but also because a homeowner wants to believe all of their friends and business associates to be above reproach, and never want to wonder if ‘he was the one’ if there is a break-in.

Buy a new home (even a brand-new home!)

New homes are notorious for having a ton of contractors and workmen track through them. Then the sales office has a key, as well. Better safe than sorry. Also, buying a used home without rekeying means the homeowner has to believe that every single person who owned the house before only offered keys to meticulously trustworthy individuals. So, they ask us to rekey.

The lock performs poorly wears out, or a key breaks in the lock

Sometimes a lock gets old, ‘catchy,' or won’t turn at all. At this point, the key may even break off in the lock, leaving the homeowner stranded until they call us.

They discover shady dealings

The homeowner learns that his cousin who housesat for him last year while he went on vacation has started using cocaine. The friend he thought was so honest says or does something disturbingly dishonest. Or, it’s just been a long time, and too many people have their keys. When people get a bad feeling in their gut, instead of worrying needlessly, they call us.

If any of these situations apply to you, and you’d like a certified, professional locksmith to come out and rekey or replace your locks, you can set that up here.

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