What is rekeying?

Rekeying is changing the configuration inside the lock mechanism of an old lock and creating a new key to fit. A lock or set of locks can be keyed to the same shape in this manner for easy access to a home or business by those who have a key. Rekeying also solves the problem of former roommates or business associates who may have retained a key, inadvertently or otherwise.


Is it cheaper to rekey or to replace locks?

That depends! Most times it’s cheaper to rekey rather than replace a quality lock. However, if a lock is severely damaged, it’s better to replace it so it will not break again.


How long does it take to rekey?

A lock can be rekeyed in ten or fifteen minutes. If you have more than one lock, multiply that by the number of locks you want to have rekeyed. That’s how we know how much time to schedule for your locksmith appointment.


Can I try to rekey my lock myself?

You can try to rekey a lock yourself, but there is a potential that the rekey can fail and break the lock. We’ve seen the frustration of hundreds of customers after a bump-lock robbery, a lockout, or a broken key. As a result, we believe there are some things which are worth paying for, and we think that good, secure locks which work the way they’re supposed to work are worth the money.




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